Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Christmas Card

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Zachary's Newborn Photos


I'm finally catching up a year later!  It helps that I now have a working computer.  Thanks to my awesome brother-in-law who gave me one of his older computers.

My amazingly talented, brilliant, and beautiful friend Aubrey took these beautiful pictures!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Celebrating 7 Years!

Just found this old draft that's almost 3 years old.  I'm obviously never going to finish, but I'm going to post what I did. It's hard to believe that as I finally post this that it has almost been 10 years! It highlights our first 3 years of marriage.

Highlights of Each Year

The First Year
Wedding Day
BYU Games
Lake Powell
Working in the Hospital Together
 San Diego
 New York City
Particularly playing frisbee in Central Park
 Blue Bayou at Disneyland
 Going to Carly and Jimmie's Wedding on your 24th Birthday!
 John Graduating from BYU in Microbiology
 Major League Baseball Games
 San Diego Zoo
 Sea World San Diego
Boating, Camping, Waterskiing, Wake Boarding with My Family In Bear Lake
 and with Your Family at Lake Powell

The Second Year
Just Being Together
Beginning our Journey to Medical School
Making it Through Together an Extremely Hard Pregnancy
Riding the Bus Every Morning Together to the U of I Campus so John Could Go to the Medical School and for Me to Go Work in the Operating Room
 Biggest Highlight of the Year
Brining our First Born Son into the World
 Both Families Together for Josh's Blessing

 Visiting Rick's College/BYU-Idaho
 Waterskiing at American Falls Reservoir
Bringing Josh to Lake Powell

After a Really Tough Pregnancy and Still Having a Difficult Recovery from Having Josh, The Beached Whale Actually got up to Waterski at Lake Powell and Bear Lake

University of Iowa

Josh's First Halloween
Our First Christmas with Josh
Tree Room at Sundance with John's Family
Josh Was the Highlight of our Second Year 
Josh was Always Happy and Laughed More than Any Baby We Have Ever Known
Going on Walks as a Family

The Third Year