Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nate 10 to 11 Months!

I can't believe that my baby is now 11 months. It has gone by way too fast! We are truly enjoying every moment with Nate! He is the sweetest, happiest baby! He is always smiling and I love to see his sweet smile everyday!

Nate's 10 month stats:
Weight: 20.2 pounds (26%)
Height: 30 3/4 inches (93%)
Head: 17 3/4 inches (28%)

To sum it up he's very tall and skinny. Although to me he seems like a chunk to me since Josh was always around the 3rd percentile at this age.


His Big Brother
(Nate absolutely adores him!)
(he pretty much eats just about everything we give him from avacados, carrots, sausage, chicken, beans, blueberries, zuccini, oranges, etc. )
(his favorite is "Care Bears Wish Upon a Star")
Playing the Piano all by Himself
Obsessed with Vacuums
(makes vacuuming easier and harder all at the same time)
Pulling Himself up to Stand
Trains, Cars, Trucks
(loves for mom to sing to him and he sings on occasion himself)
(he definitely feels and moves to the beat)
Cleaning Up Toys
(Josh says multiple times throughout the day: "Nate, stop cleaning up my toys! I'm playing with those!!!" Mommy...!")
Grandma & Grandpa Stephens & Edwards
(He seems to go to anyone and loves to smile at every person he sees)
Dad and Mom
(of course)
(every time we take him to the swings he laughs the entire time, it is the cutest thing)
Go on Long Walks Outside/Running
Animals at the Zoo
Watching Movies
(He is totally glued and has been since only a few months old. Not my favorite, he is too young to watch TV!)
I love this picture because they are holding hands and so happy together.


queeniejeanne said...

Marie and John: The boys look so much like Marie and some of her brothers at that age, I just had to laugh. Sorry John, no sign of you in them yet. That means they will look like you as adults. YEAH!!

esmiley said...

He's such a cutie! And I'm definitely envious that he loves people and will go to anyone. Most times Anne won't even let Kevin hold her! She screams (literally) if anyone else tries to pick her up or if I walk out of sight.