Friday, December 31, 2010

Nate at 2 Years

"Things I Never Want to Forget about Nate at the age of 2"

Nate brings so much joy to our family.  He has a sweetness about him that makes everyone around him happier and he definitely makes everyone in our family better people.  It's amazing that he already has these qualities and just turned 2.

His most famous phrases are: 
 "I Go!"
"I Come!"
"I wanna Come!"
He says them at least 100 times a day and most days that is not an exaggeration.

He loves to go places and if anyone is going anywhere he comes up to you with his sweet puppy dog eyes and says "I come!  I come!  I come!"  It's so hard to say no to him.

"I fall"
"Choo choo!"
"sirsty" (thirsty)
"ecom" (welcome)
"aw done"(all done"
"daa daa" (dad)
"mik" (milk)
"ah oh"
"ee too" (me too)
"tees" (cheese)
"more" (says is without the r sound)
 "gaama" (grandma)
"uhn, too, see" (one, two, three)

He can sign:
 thank you
all done

He loves people.  He gets so excited when anyone comes over.  He quickly melts anyone's heart.  Even the strangers in the grocery store that he waves to.

Nate Loves to pray.  He always babbles his own prayer whenever anyone is praying.  A couple of sundays ago during the opening prayer in church, Nate said his own prayer.  In the beginning of the man's prayer Nate exclaimed his version of amen really loud, which sounds like "yay".  (As a side note Nate used to say amen, but decided he prefers "yay").  I told him the prayer wasn't over and to fold his arms.  Nate began to pray again and proceeded to end the prayer early again with his even louder amen.  Let's just say the man's prayer was really long and Nate said 6 prayers during the man's prayer with 6 very loud excited amens.

He loves Christmas lights.  Whenever we are driving in the car at night every few seconds or less you hear "wow!"  It is truly the cutest thing!

He loves cars, trains, books, stuffed animals, animal figurines, little people, throwing and kicking balls, throwing anything (food, toys, dishes).  He doesn't throw his food or dishes very much anymore.  Hooray, not as much mess to clean up in the kitchen!

Happily says "tees" for cheese while putting his pointer fingers at the sides of his big smile whenever I ask him to smile at the camera.

Loves to go on walks and push the baby stroller.

He loves to be outdoors so much that you cannot even keep him inside if it's super windy and below freezing.

He loves to look at the snow and thinks it is the most amazing thing he has ever seen.

He loves all animals.  His favorite animal is probably the dolphin.  

 He claps, laughs, and squeals and exclaims "wow" with the most excitement imaginable for the entire show whenever we go to the dolphin show at the zoo.

He gets so excited when he hears the garage door open and immediately runs to the door squealing with so much enthusiasm da, da, da, da, etc.  Then he runs up to John and gives him a big hug and kiss.

Nate loves his big brother and will do pretty much anything Josh tells him to do.  Some nights Josh puts Nate to bed and he'll say "Nate go to bed."  "Lay down Nate and go to sleep."  I've never seen Nate move faster than to Josh's command to lay down.  It makes me laugh just thinking about it.  Nate will do anything for his big brother.

Nate loves his nap time and will still take long naps 2 - 3 1/2 hours.  He also sleeps really well at night anywhere from 12 - 14 hours.  I am so happy that he is such a good sleeper.

He loves to cuddle, give hugs and kisses.

His presence calms me down.  

Up until a month ago, I would go into his room almost every night before I went to bed and would bring him into my room to cuddle.  He was always asleep.  Most of the time he'd wake up and he'd snuggle up to me and we would talk and cuddle and then he'd happily go right back to bed and right back to sleep.  Now I only get him once every week or two.

He is so laid back and goes with the flow.

Nate always says, "mmm" whenever he eats.  It makes me so happy that he likes the food I make him.  He is still a really good eater and will eat almost anything we give him.  He doesn't snack very much and really only eats 3 meals a day.

Nate has gone potty all by himself 3 times.  We are excited, although I am not quite ready to potty train right now!

height: 87th percentile
weight: 25th percentile

He's my little buddy and I love him more than words can express!  We are so blessed to have him in our family!


Steuer Family News said...

So fun to read about your little Nate...your family is so darling and growing up so much! We need to chat sometime! My phone isn't working and I have yet to get a new one, but when I do, I'll send out my new number!

The Vance Clan said...

It's fun to catch up on you guys every now and then. Your kids look so big. Have a great year.