Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Beautiful Morning!

Lately, I have put so much time and energy into landscaping our yard; which I love.  The other morning was the most gorgeous day, so I decided I needed to capture some of the end results of my hard work and the beautiful day.  So I stopped everything I was doing (hence Nate is not dressed and still in his soggy diaper) and snapped a few shots.  Just as I started to take a few pictures, Nate decided to start posing and Josh quickly joined in.  In the end, I actually ended up capturing my greatest creations, Josh and Nate, who I literally put every ounce of time and energy I can muster into them.  Being their mother is not an easy task, but I need to always remember that all the hard work I put into raising these boys will bring really beautiful results.  I just pray and hope that I can be the mother they need me to be.

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Bullard Family said...

Miss your cute boys! Hope you are well!