Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Power of Light!

All of God's Creations and Powers Truly Amaze Me!

I feel captured by the magnificence of the light brought about by powerful storms such as this one.  One cannot deny the feeling of being drawn toward the brilliance of the light and yet a fear of the great power and fury can overcome as well.

I took this picture after watching this storm for about 3 hours!  The lightning was constant, like every 0.001 seconds to 5 seconds for the first 2 hours.  Nate and I at first thought they were fire works since it was the week of the 4th.  When John first noticed he thought they were fire works too.  I'm telling you this storm was way better then any fireworks!  

In Idaho and Utah I always got so excited for lightning storms, I loved to watch them and was never afraid.  In the midwest I'm usually too scared to watch too closely, but this storm was very, very mild for the midwest.  It brought back memories of lightning storms in the summers out west.

Storms in the midwest are so much different from the storms out west.

Did I ever tell anyone that I'm terrified of tornadoes?  
I'm terrified by those storms, but fascinated by them as well.

I experienced my first tornado at age six in San Antonio.  Much of the damage was too close to home.  It completely destroyed an apartment complex two blocks away from my home that we drove by almost everyday and took the west wing out of the hospital my dad was working at during his residency.  Almost 20 years later I found myself in Iowa City.  The tornado sirens went off weekly and at times daily.  My memories of these storms as a child left a lasting impression of the reality of the wrath of storms.  Everyone from Iowa assured me that they never get tornadoes and that it had been 30 years since the last one and it was mild.  I told John that I had a feeling that spring that there would be a tornado and to stay inside and away from the windows.  In April 2006, our first year out there three tornadoes that hit Iowa City.  It ripped through and destroyed much of the downtown, including a historical church, on the other side of town part of the Walmart was ripped off and there was significant damage to a honda dealership.  In May, our family drove through Alabama and saw unbelievable damage.  Damage from tornadoes that spanned almost a mile wide as it travelled several miles relentlessly destroying everything in it's path.  Needless to say, these experiences have left a lasting impact.  The fury of these storms have a humbling effect, as one understands that GOD truly is in CHARGE, literally.


Kasi Good said...

what an amazing photo!!! We miss you so much!

Mr. & Mrs. Woolf said...

I've already shown your amazing photo to 12 billion people. Seriously you should publish that. Somewhere. I don't know where. But somewhere :). Sorry I haven't call you back yet. I was at work when you called... I have meetings all night tonight. So maybe tomorrow :). Love ya!

Bennion Family said...

That is amazing!! I have never been able to capture the lightening yet. Good job!!