Friday, June 1, 2012

Great News!

We have so much to be grateful for and so much good news.  I am soon to be outnumbered by lots of boys.  We are going to be welcoming another baby boy October 18th!  My due day is officially pushed back by 8 days!   Bummer, but no surprise since I have PCOS.  The baby looks healthy on the ultrasound and was very active.   I'm excited to find out if baby boy #3 will share a birthday with anyone in the family. There are six birthdays in our family the month of October.  Mine is the 8th, my mom's the 13th, my dad's the 15th, my nephew Jaxson's the 20th, my little brother Jonathan's the 23rd, and my brother-in-laws Scotty the 26th. It's a busy month for birthdays. 

3 BOYS!  I will have my work cut out for me!

Baby Names - Name Badge Ticker

Josh was upset at first because he wanted a baby sister.  His first response was "no it's a girl, your wrong.  I prayed for a baby sister."  He literally prayed for a baby sister for probably a year and a half.  Josh was also convinced that the ultrasound tech was wrong for about a day.  We talked about it a lot for a couple of days and discussed what they found in the ultrasound and talked about all the cute baby boys and other families that have just boys (like Jaxson and Jake).  After about a day and a half he understands and is on boars.  He is so happy to have a baby brother now.  Thank goodness, I was worried for a bit.  I am also amazed at how quickly and calmly he accepted it and is just fine.

We had visitors in April.  Becca, Landon, and their adorable baby boy and my cutest nephew Jaxson.  The great news is by end of July they will no longer be visitors but neighbors!  We are so excited for them to be moving out here to start Medical School!  The boys LOVE Jaxson so much and are so excited that they will get to see him more!

I took these Easter pics of the adorable boys while they were visiting.  I kept thinking it would be so fun to have three boys.  A month later that became a reality!  I had a hard time narrowing down the 90 photos I took (I know way too many, but it is hard to get 3 boys to all look good in the same photo).

And for the record I had real CAFE RIO in INDIANA!  You ask how is that possible?  Well, my very thoughtful, amazing sister in law (Becca) knew I had been craving their Pork Salad.  She surprised me and went way out of her way to bring it all the way from Utah on her flight!  I was in Heaven!  It is my favorite food even if nothing sounds good!  Isn't this salad beautiful!


Stacey Kirchner said...

Your boys are so cute, and congrats on your #3! Cafe Indiana....SOOO jealous!! That's one thing I miss from Utah.

Mary Ann said...

Whoa, they look so old! And are so adorable too. Congratulations on expecting another boy too- I'm excited for you guys! And- what a fun surprise to have Cafe Rio. I love that stuff. :)

Heather O'Brien said...

Congrats Marie! You sure do make cute boys! Can't wait to see the next. Hope you guys are doing well.

The Tolboe family said...

Congrats. We have 3 boys, too! I have to tell you that the way you described Josh's reaction to him wanting a girl is the exact same way Gavin (8) reacted to the fact that we weren't having a girl. I remembered he had prayed for so long as well and when the sex of the baby was announced, he cried! We talked to him about why prayers aren't answered in the way we want them to be. He, too, was ok with the idea of having another brother. Now that Garrett (8 months) is here, Gavin wouldn't trade him for anything! Hope all is well with you. Good luck on the pregnancy!