Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lake Powell August 2007

Ahhhh Lake Powell! It is our favorite place in the whole world. Isn't it beautiful. We only had a day and a half at Lake Powell when we were supposed to have three days originally. It was one of our funnest trips probably because we lived it up the whole trip and we didn't have to worry about Josh(he was with my family in Idaho). Our plans changed when my grandmother (who is the most amazing woman) passed away the day before we flew out to Utah, so we were in Idaho for her viewing instead of Lake Powell. I miss her sooooo much!!!!!! It has been hard, but I'm grateful to have the gospel and know that she is happy right now and that she can now be with her husband and other family members that have passed on.
My HOT Husband!!!
Lake Powell and the Water Weiney(sp)
I like the water weiney, but I'm afraid to get hurt because every time I get really hurt. So, if I'm on a tube it has to go really slow. My passion is slalom waterskiing, there is no better feeling as gliding on the water and I love that it is hard work!
It's so fun to watch John and his brothers (Gary, Nate, & Scotty) and sister(Becca) on the water weinie. They have so much fun and are the biggest goof balls, it's hilarious. They do all sorts of tricks like doing flips off the weinie to playing leap frog. This is a picture of me (Marie) waterskiing, can't you tell :). John took several pictures and all of them were blurry. Take a look at the pictures of John waterskiing, they're actually in focus, well at least you can tell that it is John.

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Steuer Family News said...

Great photos! You look so gorgous Marie! I'm glad you've had such fun trips and can't wait to talk to you again!