Thursday, October 4, 2007

So, if you can't tell I'm way behind in my blogging, we've been out of town so much lately. My Grandma passed away in August, we went to Lake Powell, Idaho, and Utah to visit family. In September we went to Indianapolis to visit John, Melanie, Halie, and Kate Hiener, and we just got back a week ago from Utah again. John's Grandfather passed away and we flew out for the week to the funeral and to be with family. I'm trying to catch up. It is fun to reminisce about the summer! I love summer, I can't believe it's already gone. It been a fun summer, but very sad to loose our Grandparents. We miss them so much!


August 2007

Playing Frisby on the Beach

Hanging out on the House Boat

John's Dad(John). Thank you so much for making it possible to go to Lake Powell! We look foreward to it all year long!
Shawna(John's Mom) lovin Lake Powell. Shawna is the life of the party.
Scotty and Becca
This is the cutest picture. They are practically twins being 11 months apart.
Alison(Becca and Scotty's friend) is so cute and fun!

Scotty and Gary ready to clean-up the scouts left-over poop, yes I said poop (gross). They were brave souls.
What a Cute Couple
Front to Back: Becca, Johnny, Scotty, Nate, and Gary

They love the water wieney!


The O'Briens said...

Cute Pictures Marie. We're glad to have you back. It's been an unexpected summer sounds like! Hope you're doing okay.

{say.cheese} said...

You are making me miss Lake powell SO MUCH!

I hope you are ok. Give me a call... let's do lunch!

Steuer Family News said...

How fun! I am SO sorry about your grandma died Marie. Hope you're doing well, though, despite that.