Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trip to Utah (continued)

So, I'm really behind in this blogging thing. I hope to catch up soon. We did so much and took way too many pictures this summer.
Visiting Josh's Great Grandma Edwards in Salt Lake City!
John, John(John's dad), Gary(John's brother)
They finished the entire race 110 miles. It took them pretty much the entire day. John did this race with his dad last year, maybe it will become a tradition.

John and I at the Ulcer Bike Race. I rode 33 miles. I started at Thanksgiving Point rode along Utah Lake for most of it and finished in Springville. It was a beautiful ride, I miss the mountains. It wasn't easy especially since I hadn't been on a bike since before I had Josh.

Reunited with Josh after Lake Powell. I missed him so much!


Jen said...

Cute blog Marie! I just found it from Heathers. I LOVE Lake Powell too. We grew up going there. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

The Tolboes said...

Hi Marie!!
I found your blog through Heather, too! Now I can see what's going on at your house!! :) Hope all is well

The O'Briens said...

yea! A new post! I didn't know you did a bike race! Way to go! That's awesome! Hope you're doing good. Haven't seen you for awhile.

stevekunzlerfamily said...

Congrats on your bike ride! That's awesome! I miss you and hope you're doing well!

Steuer Family News said...

Ok so I feel really stupid! I was signed into Steve and Karen's blog and accidentally published my comment under thier name! Weird....anyway, really sorry and I miss you and hope you're great! We'll have to talk soon!

Betsy said...

Marie--It is so fun to see your family! Josh is such a cutie, and it looks like you and John are having a great time with life. I am so glad to find you, I think blogs are the BEST way to keep in touch. Come visit us =0)@