Friday, October 23, 2009

Josh's Loves!

Josh Loves so many things. It would be a way too long of a post to write everything, so I thought that I'd spread them out a bit.

We'll address two on this post.

1. His "Rainbow Blanket"

He cannot sleep with out it. He would love to take it everywhere with him, but he is really good about leaving it at home most of the time (thank goodness).

2. Animals, Animals, Animals!!!

Josh would live at the zoo if only I'd let him. Although, he would just fit in perfectly because sometimes I feel like I'm living in a zoo with Josh. Josh talks about animals all day long. He knows some crazy facts about them, things I don't even know that he is teaching me. The other day we were at the zoo when he exclaimed "Look Mommy, Baboons!!!" I just knew them as monkeys and looked over at the sign and sure enough he was right. Little did I know that he could distinguish between different types of monkeys/primates. His favorite animal is the elephant. Most days Josh declares, "Mommy, I'll be a baby elephant and you be a mommy elephant." He loves to pretend to be animals all the time. Whenever he wants to be a cat he gets the milk carton out of the fridge and pours it into a bowl and drinks it like a cat. This was a bit worrisome at first, but he usually doesn't spill and if he does he is very prompt to clean it up. His potty surprises have been animal figurines. He has basically collected his own safari and is finally mostly potty trained. At night time when it is time to go to sleep he talks non-stop about animals. When Josh gets to pick his own topic of conversation he says "how about we talk about animals." Lately, this has been 99% of our conversations.


Steuer Family News said...

Cute, cute kids! I am so sad that we don't live closer so that our kids can play together...maybe someday we will get together! I hope you are happy and well and surviving residency. I really HAVE been meaning to call and really want to soon! I have no excuses except that my two little kids surprise me every day with new ways to keep me buy and hopping.
Jacob started Preschool this September and it's three days a week (2 1/2) hours which has given me a little bit of alone/sane time. So maybe I"ll call this next week during his school...Have a great Halloween!

Aubrey said...

that is adorable. Isn't it amazing what kids pick up?

Sammy Teed said...

Josh is such a cutie! Where did that blonde hair come from? You look great!