Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Day!!!


I love how Nate is discovering the fireplace while Josh is opening a present.

Now Nate is in the fireplace.  Thank goodness the previous owners never used it or we would have soot and ashes everywhere!


Just after we finished opening our Christmas Presents there was a nock on our door.  I went to open the door and there was John's mom with her camera taking pictures, John's dad, and two of John's brothers (Gary and Nate).  It was the best surprise and best Christmas present!  It was one of the best Christmas's ever!

Can you tell I was surprised!

Gary and Josh hugging!  Josh was so excited for them to be here!

Nate immediately went to Grandpa Edwards and snuggled with him.  It was so adorable.

Nate and Grandma Shawna

After Josh went to bed that night, we had our second round of Christmas with John's family.  Nate wouldn't go to sleep so we let him come out with us and he had a blast being the center of attention (Josh is usually in the center of attention or does whatever he can to be the center of attention).  Nate was talking up a storm and laughing constantly and he got to open a present all by himself without his big brother interfering.

Josh helped Grandma make dinner one of the nights they were here.  She made authentic fish tacos.  They were soooo delicious!

It took over 30 hours for them to get to our house because of mechanical problems with the airplane.  They were supposed to be to our home 24 hours earlier than they got here.  They were exhausted.

Christmas Eve!

Santa came to our home!

Nate was very curious and liked Santa.  Josh on the other hand was very unsure and a little scared.

This was as close as Josh would get to Santa.  Maybe next year he won't be so scared.


Mary Ann said...

I am such a lame-o, I totally almost cried seeing that your in-laws came out to surprise you. What a fun day.

esmiley said...

What a fun surprise and terrific Christmas! We miss you guys.

The O'Briens said...

What a fun surprise! I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas. Your kids look so dang cute and are getting so big.

Katie Muir said...

Cute, cute little boys!! And fun pictures of your Christmas and the awesome surprise from your in-laws!! Hope you're doing well!!