Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Josh!

Josh kept requesting another "Basketball cake" like he had for his 2nd birthday.  He loved the cake and was so excited when he saw it and thanked me multiple times for the cake.

He was so happy and loved every minute of his birthday.  He just loves all his friends and it was definitely a very special day for him.  Afterwards Josh came up to me and told me: "Thank you Mommy for my Birthday!  I had fun!"  That melted my heart.

John was the hit of the party.  He entertained and played with the kids the whole time!

Josh with some of his "girls" (Anesa, Hailey, Olivia).  Josh loves girls and he calls all these girls "My Girls."  It really is hilarious.

Blowing out the candle.

Cute Mallory

Conner loved just watching John perform trick after trick.  His faces were so cute.  He was just in awe.

Here's the original professional cake that a friend in Iowa made for Josh's 2nd birthday.  Isn't it awesome.   He has always said that his 2nd birthday was the best and that he always wanted to be 2.  He's also raved about his "#2 basketball cake" for the last 2 years.  After making this cake and wondering if all the time in making it was worth it (I enjoyed it, but it took about 6 hours), I couldn't believe that she did this for free.


Danielle @ Savvy Chic Home said...

yes that is one awesome cake! way to go Marie!

THE O'BRIENS said...

Happy Birthday Josh! Can you believe our kids are 4? So crazy to me. Looks like a fun day. Wish you could come make Hallie's cake :).