Saturday, October 9, 2010

Idaho Trip

Can I just say the skies were amazing our whole trip!
My dear friend from Iowa came all the way up from the Ogden area with her two kids to spend the day! It was a blast and so fun to catch up and to watch our kids play together!

Uncle Daniel & Nate

Josh & Nicholas

The rest of the trip wasn't very exciting, but extremely eventful as we were going to 2 to 3 doctors appointments a day for 2 of the days.  Josh got a really bad infection from his eczema and I had to go on antibiotics as well which made me so nauseous.  The boys loved all the attention they got from my parents and brothers and they really love grandmas house.  There was always constant entertainment.  Hopefully, our next trip to Idaho won't involve going to any doctors or being sick.

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Ben and Krystal said...

I love Idaho- it looks beautiful! I hope you had a happy birthday!